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Engagement Proposal - - - 500 Days of Summer Proposal

My fiancee and I had watched 500 Days of Summer this year and loved it! The movie was great but the dance sequence was, by far, our favorite part. I decided to use this to my advantage for my proposal to her. The day the movie had come out on DVD I told her we should go Christmas shopping at the outlet mall. When we got there, my friends and family were already set up with a stereo and ready to dance. We did the 500 Days of Summer dance sequence and afterwards I proposed. She, as well as many people in the audience, were in tears. It was a proposal we will never forget.

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Engagement Proposal - - - Sleepy Bear and the Birthday
The day before my 40th birthday, we had an "emergency" after school faculty meeting in our media center. In the past, these meetings have never brought good news. As expected, there were a few tidbits of bad news mixed with a bit of good news (we had made it through the first week of school).

After finishing the announcements, my principal brought myself and another teacher up in front of the staff in order to recognize our 40th "milestone" birthday which we were both celebrating the following day. As the staff finished singing, out of the bathroom steps Sleepy Bear, the Travelodge mascot.

I LOVE the commercials on TV. They make me laugh every time I see them. Anyway, "Sleepy Bear" was there to wish me a happy birthday. He had heard that I was a fan.

After dancing around a bit and handing me a stuffed replica of himself, he removed his head (thankfully there were no children) and there stood my boyfriend of 9 years, Keith. He moved in front of me and wiggled (the only word to explain what it looked like in half a bear suit) down on one knee to the cheers of the staff and proposed.

As the story has evolved, I have learned that he was in cahoots with my principal (who provided not only the excuse to get everyone together, but also supplied refreshments for the event) and the Travelodge company, which provided him with the Sleepy Bear suit.

Keith truly made our engagement something that I (and the staff at our school) will never forget.

- Deborah Thompson

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Engagement Proposal - - - Proposal in Spanish Class

My girlfriend and I had always wanted to travel to Spain together. We were planning an elaborate trip, and we were even in the process of taking a Spanish class together at the local Community College.

One night I had approached the instructor earlier and told him of my plan. During class, as he usually did, the instructor had the class repeat sentences, and then asked a student to translate. After we all repeated "John loves Diane very much, and wants to spend the rest of his life with her," I volunteered to translate.

Diane was already suspicious, because she had heard our names, and recognized the word 'love' immediately. She turned to me as I bent to one knee and asked her to marry me in Spanish.

I don't think either one of us knew enough Spanish at that point to understand what I had said exactly, but Diane knew the meaning.
She said "Si, si, si!"

We're going to be married this Summer!

- John, Denver, CO

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Engagement Proposal - - - Proposal in "TV Special Announcement"

Every Thursday night, my girlfriend and I would tape 'Friends', and then watch it together over the weekend.

I took the tape, and during a commercial on the tape, I edited in a 'Special News Bulletin' announcement that I took from another tape.

Right after the news bulletin announcement, I edited in a tape of myself, telling her how much I loved her, and that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her.

While she was watching the taping that weekend, I excused myself to the bathroom a few minutes earlier and changed into the same tuxedo that I was wearing in the tape.

I got the ring ready, and walked back into the room just as my little speech was finishing, I bent to one knee, and asked her the question again… "Will you marry me?"

Her answer was an enthusiastic "YES!"

We're going to get married in about 5 months.

-J.M. Los Angeles, CA

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Engagement Proposal:- - -Proposal Drama

Each Christmas, my boyfriend and I went to the Nutcracker Ballet at the local theater. It was a tradition that we had followed for three years.

Well, last Christmas, as the announcer came on stage, he said he had a special announcement to make. As he was talking, my fiance told me that he had to go to the bathroom. I couldn't believe that he was going to the bathroom right THEN of all times, but I was even more shocked when he actually walked onto the stage and the announcer gave him the mic!

In front of a couple of thousand people, he asked her to marry him.

Of course, the answer was "Yes!" Who could resist a guy like that?

- Jenn G., Phoenix, AZ

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Engagement Proposal:- - -Sweetest Proposal

I took my girlfriend to our favorite expensive restaurant that we always go to for special occasions. Fortunately, her birthday was near, so it didn't raise her suspicions when I told her where we were going.

We had an elaborate dinner, and I told her that I already had a dessert in mind. She figured on a birthday cake or something. I had arranged with the kitchen ahead of time to prepare a large silver dessert tray.

On the tray, beside our favorite raspberry cheesecake, was written in white chocolate, "Will you marry me, Stephanie?" As she was reading the dish, I bent to one knee and taken out the ring.

We've been married now for six wonderful months!

-Chris, Sacramento, CA

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Engagement Proposal:- - -First Class Proposal

My boyfriend and I had been going out for three years, and we were celebrating our third anniversary.

We had planned a trip to Maui for a week as our gift to each other.

Right after we boarded the plane and were just settling into our coach seats for a LONG flight from New York to Hawaii, the captain came on the loudspeaker and began his usual speech.

At the end, I almost fell out of my seat when he said, "Will James S. and Lisa D. please come to the front of the plane."

That was my boyfriend and me!

We walked up to the front of the plane and the stewardess asked us to stop right at the first row of first class.

The captain got back on the loudspeaker, and said "Ladies, and Gentlemen, we have had a seating mix-up, and these two young people are going to need to move to First Class. Apparently, James wants to ask Lisa to marry him."

With that, he got down on one knee and popped the question, ring in hand.

My answer was "Yes!" and we flew above the clouds (both literally and figuratively) in style all the way to Hawaii to a most memorable anniversary vacation! - Lisa S., Manhattan, NY

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