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Marriage Proposal Ideas

Romantic wedding engagement and wedding proposal ideas - clever, inexpensive and thoughtful ways to propose -- make it original and memorable

 Inexpensive and Thoughtful Marriage Proposals

Engagement Proposal Ideas

Tie her hobbies/interests into the proposal.

If there's something that the two of you do together often, using it in the proposal may make it all the more memorable.

A wedding proposal doesn't have to be expensive to remain as a sweet lifetime memory. for example:

Write it in the sand
Or have a friend write it in the sand while you two are on the way down the beach at your favorite place.

Put the ring in a 'message in a bottle'
Put the bottle on the beach next to the message - or set it on the beach (watched by friend).

Message in a bottle proposal idea

OR use the message in a bottle as the actual proposal.
Have a friend carefully place and watch the bottle and make sure she spots it while the two of you are on your walk/run.

Have a favorite Sushi restaurant?
Have your Sushi chef place it on her favorite Nigiri.

Both of you love animals...
Thinking about getting a new pet together?
The pet and proposal are both almost a sure hit if the little guy arrives with a box/ring on his/her collar, cage, or box (or even bowl if it's a fish)!

Screen Saver Proposal
Is she always working at a computer screen? Set up the screen saver to be the proposal, and be there when it pops up.

Picnic Shock
Grand Indulgence Gourmet Gift Basket
Surprise her with a sweet gourmet picnic! Go on a picnic with the ring hidden in the bottom of the basket!

Tucked in a Gift
Any gift idea, that is obviously not a ring, with the ring placed in it somewhere, can be a great idea for a surprise proposal. Whether it be clothes, a stuffed animal, or a piece of jewelry (like a necklace).

Language of Love
If she knows another language (that you normally don't speak), learn how to propose to her in the language.
Make sure you consult an expert, so you get the pronunciation correct.

Start the Day Right
Treat her to breakfast in bed, and when she hops in the shower, write the proposal on the bathroom mirror in the steam.
Follow it with a romantic day!

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