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Diamond Wedding Band in Platinum, Size 9.5

White diamonds glitter in polished white platinum in this beautiful white on white diamond ring. Round and brilliant, 16 diamonds are claw set delicately into the top of this sleek white platinum band.

Mens Diamond Wedding Band 1/2 Carat (ctw) in 14K Yellow Gold, Size 11 This elegants man's wedding band crafted from 14 karat polished yellow gold, holds 12 white diamonds that are round brilliant cut. Channel set atop the band, each glittering white stone contrasts gloriously against the deep rich gold.

Mens 10mm Wedding Band in 14K White Gold (Lifetime Guarantee), Size 10.5 Mens 10mm Wedding Band in 14K White Gold withLifetime Guarantee), Size 10.5 This men's wedding band is not to be missed. The sheen of its 14 karat white gold with a lifetime guarantee, is hard to resist in its traditional yet modern straight profile.

Diamond Wedding Band 1/2 Carat (ctw) in 18K White Gold, Size 7.5
Delicate and intircate, this diamond-studded 1/2 carat women's wedding band is one of a kind. Its brilliant diamonds with a quality of SI1 - SI2 reside in a deeply rich ring of 18 karat polished white gold.

Diamond Anniversary and Wedding Band 1/2 Carat (ctw) in 14K Yellow Gold
The perfect diamond anniversary and wedding band, this lovely women's ring is sparkles with its 14 karat yellow gold and 10 sparkling brilliant round diamonds. A true classic any woman will love.

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