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 Bermuda - Romantic Vacation and Honeymoon Destination

Touch of Bermuda
Bermuda is a semi-tropical island, located about 650 miles East of North Carolina's coast.
Bermuda is known for its temperate climate, and generally only has a Spring and Summer season. The average temperatures in Bermuda rarely vary outside 60-85 degrees F. This makes for great beach, sun, and swimming weather, year round.Bermuda beach

In addition to its glorious beaches, there are many things to do while in Bermuda.
Bermuda has a natural history and maritime museum, a nature reserve, the Bermuda Aquarium, and Bermuda Zoo.
There are also some of the most beautiful limestone caves in the world in Bermuda. Both the Crystal caves and the Leamington caves are open to visitors year round.

The Royal Naval Dockyard, built in the early 1800's, is now a center of entertainment, shopping, and dining.
The Gibbs Hill Lighthouse and St. David's Lighthouse also offer beautiful sights for visitors.

The waters of Bermuda are probably the best known by tourists, and the diving is considered second to none by many.Bermuda waters

Bermuda has over 200 square miles of coral reef formations, and over 350 sunken wrecks that can be explored. For those who prefer not to dive, there are glass bottom boat tours. Many of the wrecks are so shallow that they can be seen from the surface.

The locals of Bermuda still call the roads the carriageway, and horse drawn carriage tours are a popular way to see the city.

Whether taking in the sights as they appear in nature, or observing Bermuda's flora and fauna at Bermuda's Zoo and Botanical Gardens, there is more to see in Bermuda than any vacationer could take in in one trip!

Bermuda also makes a great all in one stop for those who decide to have a wedding and honeymoon on the island.
The only requirements are a 'Notice of Intended Marriage' from the Bermuda Registrar General's or Bermuda Department of Tourism. That completed document, along with a check for $165.00, will get you a marriage license valid for three months. For more information, contact The Bermuda Department of Tourism:

P.O. Box HM 465
Hamilton, HM BX

Beautiful Bermuda sunset
Bermuda sunset

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