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Marriage Proposal - - - By Abba

My best friend Megan and her husband Tyler were best friends for six years before they got together. They had liked/been in love with each other for almost as long as they'd known each other, but they'd never done anything about it. She was engaged to marry another guy, but canceled the morning of the wedding.

Tyler came to her rescue and took her away for the weekend so she could get everything together. While they were away, Megan told him that she was never going to get married, because it was too much trouble.

When she went into work on Monday she had an e-mail waiting from Tyler. It said, "I thought about what you said this weekend, and just had to respond." She opened the attached music file and heard "Take a Chance on Me" by Abba.

If you change your mind
I'm the first in line
Honey I'm still free
Take a chance on me

She immediately left work, drove to his office, and accepted his "proposal."

They got married two months later and have been married for 5 years.

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Marriage Proposal - - - Wishing on a White Rose

It all started when I came home from California for a vacation from the Marine Corps. We had talked about getting married and even looked at many rings. We found one that we both FELL IN LOVE WITH. After I was relocated to North Carolina a week later I called the jewelry store and purchased the ring over the phone.

Later on the same day my girl was shopping with a girlfriend and stopped by the store to show her the ring. The man behind the counter said, "I'm sorry we just sold that ring about an hour ago."

She called me and was soo upset about it saying, "Somebody else is wearing my ring." I played it off like I was upset.

I flew home one weekend and surprised her. We spent the entire day together and after dark I said I wanted to show her something.

I drove her to a waterfall in our town (Northwest AR), and made her wait in the car with her eyes closed. I had a dozen red roses with one white rose right in the middle. I carried some candles, the flowers, and the ring down a winding trail to some rocks right next to the waterfall. I lit the candles and hid the ring and placed the flowers next to a candle. I hurried back up and walked her down the trail with me. I made her close her eyes until we got there.

She opened them and she thought that was her surprise. We sat for a while and talked. I told her a story that I said a florist had told me (I made up the story to make her believe it). I told her the florist said if you're next to a river, you close your eyes and make a wish and throw in a white rose your wish will come true.

So she was excited and made a wish. When she turned back to me she was surprised to see that I was down on one knee. I proposed by saying "I want to make all of your wishes come true, will you marry me?"

After about 30 seconds of jumping and screaming "oh my gosh" she said yes.

I put the ring on her finger but the candles didn't put of enough light to see the details of the ring. I grabbed a candle and held it close.

She began to cry because she realized it was me who bought the ring of her dreams. We sat for about an hour talking and taking pictures.

I will honestly never forget that night.

- Caleb

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Marriage Proposal - - - Four Cupids and a Ring

I woke up one morning with a bad case of bed hair but I was running late so I ran off to work anyways and tied my hair back.

Halfway through the day I got a singing telegram with an obnoxious guy in a huge cupid outfit and everyone in my office laughed and laughed I was both embarassed and glowing at such a show of romance. Three more came that day on the hour each one singing a song that had a special meaning to me and my boyfriend of a year.

Little did I know that the last cupid was actually my boyfriend all dressed up. He carried a single white rose. Around the stem it had a small piece of paper and my co workers made me read it out loud it said *A white rose symbolizes good intentions and purity* I went to smell the rose and I saw it. A small ring and the cupid pulled his mask off and began singing *in a very off tune voice*

You are so beautiful to me and he got down on one knee and he told me that he had nothing but good intentions for a future together and that he wanted to love me for the rest of his life as his wife!

It was so romantic!

- Sara

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Engagement Proposal - - - Flash and Splash Shock

I had always thought that by the time I was 30 I would be married with children, so when I was coming up on my 30th birthday and had neither, I was a little depressed, and my boyfriend of 2 years took me to Key West, Florida for a little damage control.

The night before my 30th birthday, I was super excited to be out of town, having a blast, and ready to experience everything non-stop. We had been out and about shopping and were ready to hit dinner and then some clubs when my boyfriend John said he wanted to go back to the hotel to freshen up. This was a bizarre thing for him to say, especially in such a low-key place like Key West, and I was starving, so I was totally uncooperative. He was persistent, though, and we ended up walking back to the hotel, with me whining all the way.
When he cleaned up a bit, he said he wanted someone to take our picture together on our hotel's private beach. It was just past sunset and getting darker, and no one was around, so I told him we'd get the picture some other time, but, again, he persistent and we walked down to the shore. He saw a couple sitting in the darkness against a palm tree and said he'd ask them to get our picture. I was horrified ... I was sure they were sharing a quiet, special moment, and the last thing they wanted was a tourist to ask them to take our picture. He walked toward them, and I walked the other way, pretending not to know him.

Little did I know, he went up to the couple and said "I'm about to ask my girlfriend to marry me. Would you take pictures of it?" The girl gasped, and the guy turned to his girl and said "YOU do it!!"

So, I bregrudingly met him near the water, and he put his arm around me to have our picture taken. Just before the flash, he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him, and then the flashes started going off. He said that he knew I had always wanted to be married by the time I was 30, and he wanted to make sure I was engaged before I turned 30! I said Yes, or something close to those words, and cried.

The pictures turned out great, and we actually blew one up for our wedding reception, and had our friends and family sign it.

- Jamie

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Engagement Proposal - - - Trail of Roses

I was working hard to finish up my Masters Degree and had just gotten home from a busy day of my internship and classes. I just wanted to sleep, when my boyfriend called and asked me to go over to his apartment to meet the super to pick up his new lease papers.

When I got there and opened the door, there was rose petals everywhere. I walked into the hallway following the petals and on the kitchen table was a silver jewlery box that had "Christine, Today, Tomrrow, and Forever. Love Always Jamie....April 27th 2001" Inside the box was the ring. I screamed and he came running downstairs and took the ring and got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. It was perfect!!

- Chrisitne Aiello

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Engagement Proposal:- - - A Whirl Around New York

My now fiancÚ proposed by planning a surprise weekend in New York.
As far as I knew we were going to return to a quaint B&B in New Hampshire about 30 minutes from where we live. When we got on the wrong highway I asked where we were going and he responded that we needed to go somewhere else first. I was okay with that answer but 3 hours later when we were almost in Connecticut I asked where we were really going and he refused to tell me. It took 6 hours to get to NYC and when we got there he needed help with directions, so I pulled out the papers from the back seat. I flipped to the back page and realized we would be staying at the PLaza. THE PLAZA!! We checked in and immediately left to attend an afternoon performance of Movin' Out, the Billy Joel Brodway musical. Turns out Brent, my fiancÚ, told the manager that he was planning on proposing to me so they found seats for us on the center isle in the 5th row. It was incredible!! After that we took in the sights of New York and went back to our hotel to settle in. We changed and got into a taxi for dinner. Again, I didn't know where we were going.

Brent took me to Rocco's 22, the restaurant where the TV show "The Restaurant" was filmed. We often watched the show together. After we had been there 10 mintues I went to take a picture and I had left my digital camera in the cab! I cried for about 15 minutes, I tried to contact the cab and cab company with no luck. I had ruined Brent's plans to propose and I didn't know it.

I even said "I'm sorry, I thought you were going to propose to me tonight."

He said, "the evening's not over."

I didn't think much of it. Anyway, after an awesome dinner we went back to the hotel. We lay in bed and Brent kissed my forehead. He asked how it was and I said 100%.

He said "I can do better." He gave me another forehead kiss and asked "will you marry me?"

I looked at him obviously shocked and responded "are you serious?" He said yes! and I asked "Say it again." He did and I said yes! We cried! together and had a wonderful story

- Jessica Dion

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Engagement Proposal:- - - Perfect Las Vegas Valentine

On Valentine's night of this year my fiance' and I were to meet for dinner at a local casino in Vegas, as we live in Las Vegas. While waiting for him to arrive I played one of my favorite slot games and walked away with $1000.00!

On that high note we had a terrific Mexican dinner followed by a movie. We got back to the house around 10:30 pm and at that point he said he wanted to take a ride up to Mt. Charleston, outside of Las Vegas. I thought nothing much of it, as that was the place where we ended our first date. I thought he was being quite romantic and nostalgic. So, away we drove to the very top of the site. Earlier that week he had asked me if we could write poems to each other to share on Valentine's Day. I agreed and proceeded to compose my poem. When we arrived at the summit of the mountain, there was a beautiful canopy of bright and shinning stars. We got out of the car and wrapped ourselves in a blanket as it was quite cold. We stood by the car and he said he had earlier that day recorded his poem on a cd. He then began to play the cd on the car stereo and as we snuggled beneath the blanket I listened intently to his words. It was so beautiful and moving. Then all of a sudden he turned around to me and the blanket dropped away from our shoulders and began to get down on one knee. As the cd ended, it said, and I quote: "Mary, my sweet, my love, my life...will you do me the honor..."

At that point the cd stopped and he held both my hands, still down on one knee, looked me in the eyes and said the words I had longed to hear: "And be my wife!"

I was so surprised and overcome. Well, after realizing, in a daze what had happened, of course pronounced a big YES! It was so dark that I didn't see he had a ring in his hands. He then asked if I wanted to try the ring on...and it was beautiful, a perfect fit! I could never imagine a more romantic and heartfelt proposal in all my life.

The wedding is set for June 4, 2005 at Noon.

- Mary

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Engagement Proposal:- - - Fabulous Falls and Fireworks

My girlfriend and I were doing the long distance thing for almost a year, after meeting on a cruise ship while vacationing in the Carribean.

She came up to Canada to visit me for 3 weeks over Christmas from her home in a Chicago suburb. After getting permission from her father, her parents (knowing what I had planned) decided to spend Christmas with us.

My girlfriend, Chrissy, thought it would be a good idea to spend Christmas Eve together with her parents and suggested booking reservations at The Keg Steakhouse just down the street from where I lived. Little did she know, a month earlier, I had already booked reservations at another Keg Steakhouse 15 minutes away, overlooking Niagara Falls. Just before we went to dinner, I told her to pack her things for overnight because the restaurant overlooking the falls we were going to also gave me a good deal on a hotel room (which was also booked a month earlier).

After having a wonderful, elegant dinner with her parents, we went to our suite on the 38th floor overlooking the Falls. After lighting some candles and opening some champagne, I handed her a gift. She opened it up and inside was a scrapbook that I made. The first page was us as kids (with the help of her mom on some pictures) and a page dedicated to each month we have been together over the past year. On the final page I wrote a letter and read it to her out loud. She thought nothing of it because I read her one for her birthday months earlier. As I started reading the letter, fireworks started to go off over Niagara Falls. She wanted me to keep reading so I continued. When I got to the bottom of the love letter I flipped up the page to reveal "Will you marry me?" in cut out letters. As the fireworks were still going off, I reached behind me and pulled out the strategically placed ring. With tears gushing, she wrapped her arms around me and said "yes,yes,yes".

- Matt

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