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Marriage Proposal - - - A Sign From Above

For Adam's birthday I asked him where he wanted to go out for dinner, he suggested anywhere in Newport. I made reservations at a restaurant and he asked if we could go early to walk on the cliff walk (this is a beautiful place that is right between the ocean and a bunch of mansions).

When we got there we were looking out over the water and he was holding me from behind, I noticed a plane in the distance and joked, "hey look, there's a plane maybe someone will jump out of it" (this goes back to us skydiving over the area the previous year).

As the plane got closer I saw that it was carrying an areial banner, I said to him, "it looks like it is carrying a sign." He in responce says, "yea, what does it say?"

As the plane got closer I read the sign aloud it said, "E-Lynn it's plane to see I love you will you marry me?!" (E-Lynn is a nickname he calls me). So I turn to face him with tears pouring down my face and he is on bended knee with a box held out and he says, "the last 4 years you have been my past, for my birthday present I want you to be my future!" of course I said YES!!! The plane circled around with the banner for like 15 mins after that so everyone could see.

- Erin Peterson

. . . . .   . . . . .   . . . . .   . . . . .   . . . . .   . . . . .   . . . . .   . . . . .   . . . . .   

Engagement Proposal - - - Biker's Sunset

When I met my boyfriend, I was very much into bike riding, and participated in every MS150 event that they offer around the Houston area. For the 2003 Houston to Austin MS150 he had a fishing tournament that weekend. I agreed to give up my MS150 to take our kids out of school and go with him for the tournament, but made him promise that next year, if the bike ride was on a different weekend, he would ride with me. He agreed, probably not thinking much of it! Well, sure enough, this year the bike ride and fishing tournament were on different weekends. So, we went and bought him a nice road bike, and he began training with me. I think it surprised him how much he actually enjoyed riding!

We started this years MS150 with my company team, made it to LaGrange (the halfway point), showered, and were relaxing in the tent when he suddenly decided he wanted to go for a walk. I was tired from riding 95 miles, but said OK. We went walking around, and found this really nice overlook. It was sunset, it was quiet, and we were about as alone as we could be with 18,000 other people in the park. I wish I had taken my camera with me, and if I had known what was about to happen, I would have!

We were watching the sunset, when he asked me how long we had been dating, and if I was happy. I said I was very happy, and I was so glad he had decided to do the ride with me. He said that it was pretty special, being our first MS150 together, then asked if I wanted to make it even more special. Before it dawned on me what he was saying, he had dropped to one knee and said "Will you marry me?" My response, after saying "Are you SERIOUS???" was to say YES, YES, YES!!

It was the perfect proposal, from the perfect man, who made something I love to do that much more special, I will never forget that bike ride!

- Jennifer Lee

. . . . .   . . . . .   . . . . .   . . . . .   . . . . .   . . . . .   . . . . .   . . . . .   . . . . .   

Engagement Proposal - - - Rose Petals and More

My boyfriend of over four years finally proposed to me the weekend before Valentines Day. Valentines Day had always been an important occasion in our relationship and Glen always went all out. We had agreed to celebrate this year, the weekend before because I had to work on Valentines Day and the day after. So, this Saturday, we had spent the whole day skidooing, and didn't return home until after 8pm. We showered and he kicked me out of the house, to return in 45 mins. I was curious because, as I thought, he hadn't had any time to plan anything. But to my surprise, I returned to a room (hot tub room) with Chinese food (my favorite) on the table, the windows outlined in tea lights, a dozen red roses, champagne on ice, and the hot tub filled with rose petals.

I had suspected earlier that week that he may propose on Valentines Day, but he put on a good act and made me believe otherwise. He wined and dined me, said sweet things to me. We took a dip with the rose petals!...

and while we were drying off, he reached in a drawer while I wasn't looking and pulled out the ring. He looked me in the eyes and said once of the most beautiful speeches that I've ever heard, and got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I was in total shock, he had me convinced that he didn't have the ring. I did say yes, and was led to a bed of roses and the rest is history! It was more that I could have ever asked for... I now have the ring and man of my dreams!

- Jaye

. . . . .   . . . . .   . . . . .   . . . . .   . . . . .   . . . . .   . . . . .   . . . . .   . . . . .   

Engagement Proposal:- - - Puppy Love

My boyfriend (now fiancÚ) proposed yesterday using my love of animals.

He knows that whenever I see a stray animal, the first thing I do is get closer to it and see if it has an ID tag on it's collar. He bought a puppy that was just barely old enough to walk. He made sure it was old enough to walk so that I would assume it got loose so I would check to see if it had the ID tag on its collar. He also had it trained to stay put when told to do so. He set it out on the front porch and made it stay there. He then knocked on my door (he doesn't live with me-his parents are very religious and don't believe in unmarried couples living together).

When I answered he talked to me a little and then turned to the puppy, acting as if he had just noticed it was there. Well, when I checked for an ID tag, I noticed a piece of stationery paper that was scrolled up and tucked into the collar. Naturally, I was curious about the piece of paper, so I took it out of the collar and unscrolled it.

Written on the stationery paper was the proposal and tucked inside the scrolled up piece of paper was an engagement ring.

. . . . .   . . . . .   . . . . .   . . . . .   . . . . .   . . . . .   . . . . .   . . . . .   . . . . .   

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