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Marriage Proposals

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Marriage proposals engagement and marriage proposal ideas - with romantic and original proposal ideas and great thoughtful marriage proposal ideas with cute ideas for hiding the engagement ring...

 Inexpensive and Thoughtful Marriage Proposals

Unique Marriage Proposals and Engagement Proposal Ideas

The unique and memorable marriage proposal is something DIFFERENT ... something you've spent time preparing - and the element of surprise is always good!

For example GREAT Marriage Proposals:

Do you share a favorite movie?
With a little help from your friends, you could film your own ‘scene’ in the style of the movie then add your revised scene to the middle or end of a tape.
Set the mood; propose that you watch the movie together, and…

Marriage proposal in lights
Get creative. It could be anything from strings of Christmas lights on the front lawn to something more elaborate in a field, or on the side of a building. Any way you do it, propose with class and say it BIG!

Propose a Sporting Event
Contact your local stadium and see if you can make a public announcement!
Some stadiums allow banners on the big screen, while other, smaller venues may allow you to ask her over the P.A.! Public proposals are memorable (just be sure she's ready to say 'Yes').

The hidden engagement ring trick
(Let the surprise ring initiate your marriage proposal for you)

Keepsake Treasure and Imported Chocolate

A beautiful engagement ring hidden inside a treasure trove of imported French chocolate hearts will be truly memorable. Inscribe a message on the gold plaque and let her search through the hearts for a ring!
Brown Mahogany Box Carved With A Heart (42 pieces)

Red Roses, Keepsake Vases and Engraved Stand

Engagement ring hidden in red rose Engraved Bud Vase
Engrave a message or your Engagement Date on this beautiful vase holder with roses -- tuck the ring into a rose and you'll have a spectacular engagement surprise...

Heart-shaped Wooden Jewelry Box Carved with Poem

Engagement Jewelry Box icon

Give her a sweet jewelry box -- with your own poem, quote or special engagment message and/ or date written on it... and the ring tucked inside it... A lovely keepsake she can keep forever

Vintage Glass Jewelry Box Etched with Message

icon icon
The same for this vintage jewelry box -- etch your special message on the top -- and put her ring inside ... another keepsake to treasure forever.

Grow Old with Me - Teddy Bear Vase

Grow old with me, the best is yet to be icon

Engagement ring tucked into a Teddy Bear collar "Grow old with me, the best is yet to be" etched into the glass vase and it can also be personalized with initials or the date
Next to her favorite chocolate? A delicious proposal...

Or slipped into a beautiful bouquet Slip the ring into Two Dozen Deluxe Red Roses

A singing proposal
Propose to her on stage before (or after) your heartfelt rendition of her favorite love song at the local Karaoke Bar.

MORE Marriage Proposals and Engagement Ideas

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Great wedding engagement and marriage proposal stories submitted by our readers ...

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Cute, romantic marriage proposal ideas

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Marriage proposals engagement and marriage proposal ideas - with romantic and original proposal ideas and clever ways to present the engagement ring