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 Marriage Proposals Translated from English to Other Languages

How do you say "Will you marry me?" in different languages? How to Propose in another language

It's here -- from Afrikaans to Welsh -- say it in another language. Translated below -- all the translations for will you marry me -- the great question - now you can ask this question in a way your significant other may or may not understand.

Ask the question, in a different language, until they finally understand what you're asking...

Help is here with wonderful romantic and unique proposal ideas -- perhaps the finishing touch to your romantic plans for your marriage proposal -- is to finally ask the question in a different language.

This may be how to make your proposal very memorable -- and the moment unforgettable ...

Will You Marry Me? Translations

Afrikaans - Sal jy met my trou
Czech - Vezmes si me
Catalan - Vols casar amb mi
Croatian - C'ete se udati za mene
Danish - Vil du gifte dig med mig
Dutch - Zal je met me trouwen
Esperanto - Vi edzinig i al mi
Estonian - Kas sa abiellud minuga
Filipino - Kayong magpakasal sa akin
Finnish - Tuletko vaimokseni
French - Veux-tu m'epouser
Galician - Queres casar comigo
German - Willst du mich heiraten
Haitian Creole - Ou pral marye ave m '
Hungarian - Hozzam jossz felesegul
Icelandic - Verour pu ao giftast mer
Indonesian - Maukah kau menikah
Irish - A bheidh tu ag posadh liom
Italian - Mi vuoi sposare
Latin - Tu nubere me
Latvian - Ju-s prece-ties mani
Lithuanian - Ju-s man vesti
Malay - Anda akan berkahwin dengan saya
Maltese - Se inti jizzewgu lili
Norweigan - Vil du gifte deg med meg
Polish - Wyjdziesz za mnie
Portuguese - Quer se casar comigo
Romanian - Te casatoresti cu mine
Slovak - Vezmes si ma
Slovenian - Bos porocila z mano
Spanish - Quieres casarte conmigo
Swahili - Wewe kuolewa na mimi
Swedish - Kommer du gifta dig med mig
Turkish - Benimle evlenir misin
Vietnamese - Ban se ket hon voi toi
Welsh - Byddwch yn priodi i mi

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