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 Engagement Ring Settings for the Perfect Engagement Ring

The way a diamond is set into a piece of jewelry can enhance or detract from the diamond. The setting also needs to be practical for the intended use of jewelry. There are quite a number of ways that a diamond can be set into jewelry. The more common ways are prong setting, channel setting, bezel setting and pave setting.

Prong Setting is the most common setting for solitaire diamonds. The prong setting can have four or six prongs. For security of the diamond, six prongs are better than four. This is subjective to, four prongs may be better on a smaller diamond so as to allow as much light into the diamond as possible. Where six prongs on a larger diamond is fine as enough light will still enter the diamond. The color of the prongs will also have an effect on the diamond. Rhodium tip prongs are a light metal color and can add to the sparkle of the diamond, while gold tip prongs can take away sparkle from the diamond. The prong set diamond best enhances the sparkle of the diamond.

Channel Setting is extremely secure and gives a good face view of the diamond. Channel setting does cut down on light entering the diamond, which means less sparkle. The channel setting is good for wedding bands etc...

Bezel Setting is where the entire stone is surrounded by a continuous framework of precious metal. This setting is even more secure than the channel setting, but less light enters as well. This setting can be more expensive as more precious metal is used. This setting is the type used in Medieval times to set jewelry into swords, shields, amulets etc..

Pave Setting is a variation of the channel setting. To be considered a pave setting, one prong must come in contact with at least three stones. With the pave setting, small diamonds or white metal chips are often used to add sparkle to the setting.


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