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About Diamonds

Diamond History >>>
A brief history of diamonds, the lore, uses and more ...

Diamond Qualities >>>
About the qualities of the mineral, diamond, and information about the diamond (table, girdle, dimensions) ...

Engagement rings and diamond shapes >>>
Princess, Pear, Marquis, Emerald, Radiant and more with descriptions of diamond shapes...

Engagement rings and round diamond specifications >>>
Specifications for Ideal to Very Fine Cut round diamonds ...

Engagement Rings and Settings

Engagement rings and diamond shape examples >>>
Various diamond shapes in beautiful settings ...

Engagement Ring Settings >>>

International Ring Sizes >>>
Long-distance love - help in translating ring sizes

Marriage Proposals and Engagement Ideas

Your Own Wedding Engagement Stories >>>

Marriage Proposal Stories >>>
Beautiful marriage proposal stories submitted by our readers

More of Your Great Proposal Stories >>>
Great wedding engagement and marriage proposal stories submitted by our readers ...

Even more real marriage proposal stories >>>

Submit Your OWN Engagement Proposal Story >>>
Send us your proposal story OR ideas for proposals - and we'll post them on our web site!

Romantic Marriage Proposal Ideas >>>
Cute, romantic marriage proposal ideas

Great Ideas for Wedding Engagement Proposals >>>
More unique and romantic wedding engagement proposal ideas

Marriage Proposal Quotes >>>
Beautiful quotes ...

Marriage Proposal Lyrics >>>
Romantic lyrics ...

Engagement and Proposal Love Poems >>>
Some of the most beautiful love poetry of all time - perfect for the perfectly romantic proposal
Wedding Rings and Things

Wedding Bands >>>
Beautiful wedding bands and wedding band sets to buy online

Wedding Ring History >>>
From the cavemen to modern times - the history of the wedding ring

Wedding Vows >>>
Traditional wedding vows and suggestions for writing vows yourself - with samples

Engagement Rings and Things - Miscellaneous

Add Engagement Link >>>
Please add your engagement, wedding or related web site - and we will reciprocate

Engagement and Wedding Friends >>>
Engagement, wedding and related links

Romantic Vacation Destinations >>>
Romantic getaway vacation spots with romantic honeymoon travel plans

Creative Proposal Ideas >>>

How to Propose in Another Language >>>

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